We become part of your R&D team, providing state-of-the-art engineering solutions

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 At Rogat, we specialize in quick, creative and efficient product development, starting from proof-of-concept to production files.

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The software and embedded systems market  is constantly changing.

Our state-of-the-art projects clearly reflect those changes: IoT, Cloud, web/ desktop/ mobile applications, network and communication...


Board Design, development and production of electronic PCB for robotics, controllers, sensors, communications and various other products. Board or/and Electronic System designed with deep thought, vast experience, creativity and many years of...

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Rogat designs mechanical products for the civil, military, medical and agricultural markets with a very quick capability for providing prototypes and platforms for research and development.

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The last few years have witnessed an enormous increase in the R&D activities related to the fields of Electro-Optics / Laser and Photonics, as these technologies find increasing use in meeting numerous needs...


Rogat provides you with efficient and quick execution of R&D projects- our development services gives you the exact solution - prototype to production files.

We specialize in developing various kinds of robots and for various markets- civilian and military.


The rapid pace at which things evolve is increasing. The ability of each product to adjust to these development rates  depends on its ability to integrate into it relevant advanced and new features.

Rogat provides a complete assortment of targets and targets' arena solutions for civilian and military purposes.


Better performance of energy efficiency.

resulting obviously in longer distance for a continuous flying of Drone, drive of car / robotic platform etc. 

From Hair removal and Mesotherapy-to brain research labs and Robotic beehive. Projects that we carry out as a process with a special attention to details but with special accuracy on products specification