Electronics Engineering

Board Design, development and production of electronic PCB for robotics, controllers, sensors, communications and various other products. Board or/and Electronic System designed with deep thought, vast experience, creativity and many years of know-how. In this area, where changes are rapid and numerous, our team keeps up to date, so we always know how to integrate innovative technologies in a wise and informed manner and thus develop a product that is durable and relevant for many years to come.

Board Design

Complex Electronic Assemblies

RF/Communication Experts

ATE- Automatic
Test Equipment

Designated & price-sensible BOM

Products & Prototypes

Analysis & simulations

Diverse energy solutions

  • Board Design

    Altium, OrCad, Allegro – Schema, positioning layout/routing 

  • Development of Complex Electronic Assemblies

    Various size, types and usages of complex electronic systems 

  • Designated & Price Sensible BOM Composition

    With special attention to availability, price, size, life span etc

  • Communication/ RF Experts

    Design and development of RF solutions, WiFi, Bluetooth - BLE, Cellular communication for short and long ranges, transmission checks and tests. Upgrade and reclamation of RF design

  • Diverse Energy Solutions

    Different types of batteries with/without battery controllers, Hybrid solutions etc

  • ATE – Designated Automatic Test Equipment for each project

    Custom tools, jigs and fixtures

  • Products and POC

    (prototype) development

  • Full Life Cycle Development

    FRS, SRS, PDR, ATP, V&V etc

  • Analysis and Simulations


  • Quality Assurance

    Are part of our Quality concept

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