Mechanical Engineering

Rogat designs mechanical products for the civil, military, medical and agricultural markets with a very quick capability for providing prototypes and platforms for research and development.

We believe that a good product starts with a very well-defined PRD (including V&V matrix, ATP and all measures that need to be checked in advance). We also believe in projects where the customer's team, certification expert and product designer are involved in the process and come on board from the very beginning.

Prototypes- Innovative and Smart Concepts

Plastic and Molds

Mechanisms & Motion Systems

Motors & Engines Experts

Mechanical Analysis

ATE- Automatic Test Equipment

Electronic Packaging Solutions

Smart, Simple& out of the box Solutions for complex chalanges

  • Concept BrainStorming

    For each project we suggest a number of relevant concepts based on our vast, multi-project experience, as a team that thinks creatively out of the box

  • Design and Product Files

    Solid Works, Cimatron

  • Specializing in Plastics and Molds

    Extensive experience in plastics especially in complex systems, including mold planning & review

  • Mechanical Analysis

    Flow, strength, dynamic, thermal etc

  • Mechanisms and Motion Systems

    Motors, hydraulic and pneumatic system selection, gear integration and control systems

  • Motors and Engines Experts

    Being deeply familiar with many different types of engines including Hybrid Engines  allows an exact choice of engines and components, to create the perfect fit

  • Packaging Solutions & Electronic Packaging

    Designated packaging alternatives

  • ATE – Designated Automatic Test Equipment for each project

    Jigs and testing equipment 

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