Various motor driving technologies for brushed and brushless (BLDC) motors

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Rogat specializes in various motor driving technologies for brushed and brushless (BLDC) motors used in a wide range of applications - autonomous vehicles, robotics etc... Specifically, our expertise includes drivers from vendors like ST electronics and Texas Instruments with different control algorithms like FOC and Six-Step control.

In our recent project we developed a complex system which consists of two PCBs with brushless motor controllers from ST (STSPIN32F0) and STM32WB55 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) host controller. Using FOC algorithms for driving, as well as advanced position control we were able to synchronize the two motors over BLE with very high precision.

As part of the project we were required to test different motors like STXIM MTR_FUL24VF4521 and Faulhaber 4221_BXTR. We developed a special testing gig based on ETH messtechnik DRBK-A Torque meter to test the motor under various conditions.

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