Rogat Products

The RC Long distance camera kit can provide high resolution & high frame rate (FPS) for fast events that occurs far from the remote-control station.


This kit designed to work in an autonomous echo system that includes: actuators kit, control box, long distance communication kit (UBIQUITI, MikroTik) remote control station.

RC Long distance camera kit

  • Resolution- 2560 x 1600

    Max. Frame Rate- 410fps

    Memory- 6GB, 12GB high-speed internal RAM.

    Temperature-R-series- -10°C to +50°C @ 10% to 95% RH

    Connectivity-Gb Ethernet for control and data

    Power Requirements-12 - 28 VDC, 65 W

    Dimensions- 19 x 8.8 x 10 cm without battery