About Us

Active since 1999, Rogat has been providing comprehensive, end-to-end R&D solutions for our ever-growing customer base. At Rogat we specialize in quick and efficient product development, starting from customized specifications and prototypes up to complete production files. 
Years of cumulative experience in developing and managing dozens of path-breaking technological projects have earned Rogat its reputation as a leading company in outsourcing service-providers for companies in need of superior engineering performance on a tight schedule.

Our highly experienced R&D engineering team provide professional services in projects that serve companies engaged in:


Military & Security industries

AgroTech & MedTech
Laser and Electro-Optics

Physics & Algorithms

Navigation & Control

Autonomous Platforms
Home and Garden Appliances
Universities Research laboratories

An expert engineer is assigned to each and every project
With its vast expertise in the fields of mechanics, motion systems, plastics, autonomous platforms, electronics, software, communications and materials engineering      each project at Rogat is led by the engineer with the particular field of expertise deemed best-suited for the task. This engineer takes on full responsibility, under the supervision of the CEO or director of development, and coordinates all engineering aspects, in strict adherence to the customer’s wishes and specifications. 

The Team

Yoav Rodan 
Yoav Rodan Owner CEO

The company was founded by Yoav Rodan, a Management and Computer Science graduate, skilled mechanical engineer and expert in robotics and automation.

Yoav has extensive experience in industry and management and has established factories in Israel such as Baz Complex Engineering, Kanfit and others. In addition, Yoav has expertise in product research and development, robotics, setting up assembly lines and more.

Yuval Perets
Electro-Optics & Laser Expert 

Yuval has over 20 years’ experience in design, manufacturing and systems integration of multi-disciplinary capital equipment in the Semiconductor Industry. He is the former managing director at Carl Zeiss SMS Ltd.
Yuval also has extensive experience in industrial management and scientific research in the fields of optical design, ultrashort pulsed lasers, and SEM technologies and products for use in an HVM environment.

Erez Greitser-Laser and Optics Expert -
Ziv Hachamo
זיו חכמו - תוכנה.jpg

Ziv has over 15 years of experience in managing and developing complex enterprise-scale business applications in      diverse projects and environments. Ziv specializes in developing web, mobile and desktop multi-threaded, client-server full- life-cycle applications with excellent OOD skills. He joined Rogat, bringing with him expertise thanks to having worked in top-ranked global companies such as Elbit Systems, BMC Software, Applied Materials and companies in the medical-device industry.

Amichay Livenh
Mechanical Engineering Manager
Amichay Livneh_עמיחי ליבנה.jpg

Amichay manages the Mechanical Engineering deprtment. 

Amichay also has an electronics engineering background which contributes to every multi-disciplinary project he is involved in.

Amichay's unique inputs to any project he leads are his out-of-the-box thinking combined with a natural ability for precise, high-quality performance in all aspects of his work and his special attention to the finest details.

Erez Graitzer
Laser & Optics Expert

Since earning his B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, Erez has gained more than 20 years' experience in managing complex electro-optical projects, optical testing equipment, Laser-based machines and more. Former CTO at Zeiss SMT Israel, Erez has vast experience in the fields of defense & security industry, and semiconductor equipment markets.

ארז גרייצר.jpg

Evgeny has over 15 years of experience in developing software programs. His background extends to web systems, multimedia systems, and writing the characteristics (IEEE) of complex programming systems, applications for Android and IOS. 

He is the leader of software project teams and has vast experience in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and HTM5.

Evgeny Hazanovitch

Shiran is a graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion. She was a lecturer in C language and IT courses. Shiran has vast experience in product development, embedded software development, micro-controller programming, industrial controllers, Linux and Windows operating systems.

At Rogat, Shiran manages complex projects which include autonomous robots-integrated sound, vision, Lidar, IMU, camera of different types sensors and motion control.

Shiran Rivka Lavi 
Uri Rotstein
SW & System Architect 
אורי רוטשטיין.jpg

Uri has extensive experience in architecture and software engineering in both embedded systems and computer clusters. Uri has technical and managerial experience in large established companies and in path-breaking start-ups, in some of which he was the entrepreneur.

Oren Shoef
Engineering Manager
oren_picture (1)_edited.jpg

A graduate of electronics studies, Oren is among the graduates of an advanced automation course funded by the Ministry of Economics and held in Moona. Besides running our electronics lab, Oren has experience in complex multi-disciplinary projects as well as in programming and testing micro controllers.

Ronen Naim
 Hybrid Expert Engines Systems
רונן נעים – הנדסת מכונות.jpg

Ronen specializes in hybrid systems and engines, as well as in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and control. With his extensive experience and out-of-the box thinking, Ronen      customizes precise and designated hybrid engine solutions for complex projects, primarily for drones and autonomous platforms.

Ronen has experience in the design and production of mechanical mechanisms, programming micro PLCs, as well as in project management.

Oded Reichsfeld
 Physics Expert

Supervisor and instructor of physics, mechatronics and engineering, Oded is an expert developer of sensors and technological products. He provides novel solutions in the field of physics and calculations. Oded is an expert in process-control equipment and holds a Master’s degree in mathematics, computers and technology.