Development of robots and making any platform autonomous 


We develop – from prototype to production files – robots and autonomous platforms, with the capability to convert any platform into one that is autonomous or remote controlled. Rogat gives you efficient and quick execution of R&D projects. This kind of work environment  enables us to deliver prototypes and demo platforms on a tight schedule. We specialize in developing a wide range of robots for both civilian and military purposes. Ground, naval and aerial – we know how to outfit each robot for its specific designated usages and features.

Complex RF/ Communication modules & solutions

Cloud based
solutions - IOT

Large range
of sensors

Embedded HW & SW

SW Testers
& Simulators

Navigation &
motion control

Our services include:

Various Applications for

Home & Garden devices, Robots for military / intelligence purposes ,Vehicles, AgroTech, MedTech 

UAVs, Marine and Ground Vehicles


Integrating with various Sensors

IMU, GPS, Lidar, Vision, Ultrasound, Proximity, etc.

Human and Object Detection 

Visual Recognition

Integration of platforms in synchronized activities

movement and navigation, individual or part of a group/swarm

Navigation & Long-Distance Communication

Different Modules and Protocols