Service of Target Vehicles & Complex Target Arenas


Rogat provides a complete array of target arena solutions for civilian and military purposes.

Our target arena enables you to run an experiment in a complex environment that simulates real-life situations: from experimental shooting or launching of missiles to experiments related to testing reliability, performance, and safety parameters in the automotive industry.

Ground, naval
& aerial target

Autonomous Targets

Individual / Swarm


Multiple possibilities of navigation and motion control

Long-range control
(100 KM+)

Different target types: humans, vehicles, cycles, cars, trucks, tanks and others

Test Arena management

Implementation of different sensors
on targets

Our services allow you create a complex targets scenario involving UAV, Marine and ground robots- Autonomous and Automatic.

 According to your needs we can Define and implement different relevant sensors (IMU, GPS, Lidar, Vision, etc…) & Object/ Human visual recognition and so on.

We can integrate platforms in synchronized movement and navigation in short/ long distance control as individual or as part of a swamp/ group.