IOT, Navigation, Vision, Sensors & Long-range Control


Involvement in robotics development, smart home appliances, artificial intelligence, and a variety of advanced technological developments require the team to be up-to-date and ultra-professional in these core areas.

The pace at which technology is evolving is increasing exponentially. The ability to adjust each product to these rates of development depends on the ability to integrate into it relevant and advanced new features. At Rogat we recognize this need, and our team knows precisely how to combine its many years of professional experience with constant scrutiny and familiarity with innovations, updates and new technologies. 

Complex RF/
Communication solutions

Smart Home solutions / Z-Wave communication

Vast range
of sensors

Computer Vision
& Image processing

Navigation, long
range & motion control

Cloud based
solutions - IoT

Various real-time

Reliable, safe and
smart IoT solutions

Our team upgrades your products in a smart, simple and efficient way by combining IoT and cloud-based applications, sensors of different types (IMU, GPS, Lidar etc.), with an added      option for computer-based human/object visual recognition, image processing, as well as multiple motion and control options.

If needed, we can incorporate hybrid engine solutions, as well as different communication solutions (MESH, WiFi, BLE, 2-Way, Z Wave and more).