Quality Policy

Preservation and implementation of ISO9001:2015 quality management system requirements comprise only a part of our quality policy. Preserving quality criteria that are derived from requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations (ISO AS 9100D), is also a part of it.

Moreover, as part of our Quality Policy: 

  • We believe that quality starts with clear and detailed definitions, transparency and coordinating expectations with our customers from the very start of the process all the way to its completion

  • Meticulous, structured, defined and monitored work processes with criteria clearly guide how each project and task is to be managed. This helps us execute each task and project in optimally and efficiently, while meeting timelines without compromising our high-quality standards
  • We believe in people and in teamwork

  • Our team consists of people who enjoy the tasks and projects they are involved in; they enjoy the challenge of the process, as well as the solution (especially the solution!). These are talented people who understand when it's the right time to use their out-of-the-box thinking and when it's the right time to rely on their experience
  • Continuous learning of our team, acquisition of experience in new relevant technologies and fields that never stop evolving and developing
  • Commitment, involvement, responsibility and motivation are what characterize the Rogat team's DNA
  • Follow-up and debriefing – We examine, analyze, and learn from every project and task we perform, so we can know how to improve and do things better next time round.

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