Rogat Products

Autonomous vehicle will give you the best solution for target's arena and target vehicles.

This kit is one of several kits from "Rogat Engineering" that will give you the ability to convert any regular vehicle to an autonomous vehicle.

The Actuators kit refers to the mechanical units that actually drive the car; Steering, Gas, Brakes and Gear shifting.

We choose the components and implement them in the simplest and straightforward way that can fit on any vehicle in a short amount of assembly time and yet will give precise controlled closed loop movements by implementing accurate telemetry feedback units.

We research the market for the best actuators and telemetry feedback units that will fit the strict requirements in terms of high response & settling time.

The user can switch off the autonomous system at any time in a few simple steps if there is a need to drive the vehicle by himself.

This kit designed to work in an autonomous echo system that includes: control box, long distance communication kit (UBIQUITI, MikroTik) remote control station high resolution independent camera station.

Actuators kit

  • 8" Stroke 25 lb Thrust Heavy Duty Linear Actuator

    Product Weight 45.1 oz

    Voltage Range (Recommended) 6V - 12V

    Operating Temperature -26°C ~ +65°C

    Speed (No Load)* 2.00” per second

    Speed (Max Load)* 1.37” per second

    Dynamic Thrust* 25 lbs

    Static Load 500 lbs

    Current Drain (No-Load)* 800mA

    Current Drain (Max Load)* 3.8A

    Current Drain (Stall)* 15A

    Motor Type 3 Pole Ferrite

    Internal Feedback Style10KΩ Potentiometer

    Potentiometer Tolerance ± 5%

    Potentiometer Linearity ± 0.25%

    Feedback Density 1.25KΩ / inch

    Gear Ratio 5:1

    Gear Material Metal Gear Train, Nylon Pinion

    Gearbox Style Straight Cut Spur

    Wire Length 24"

    Ingress Protection (IP) IP54

    Duty Cycle 25% (25% on, 75% off)

    Housing Material  Zinc Alloy

    Lead Screw Type 3mm pitch, single thread