Time as a compass

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Rogat team believe that time is the compass for success. The impact of time on the development budget as well as its impact on revenue from product sales is huge.

Budget is typically built from analyzing tasks and work times. If the budget is built correctly it will be in line with the time of the project and the staff working on it.

In practice, it can be seen that the monthly cost of project * working time is in line with the entire budget.

Hence, saving time in work directly affects the project budget. A one-week follow-up due to an attempt to lower the cost of a subcontractor will affect the project budget in equal proportion to the cost of a week according to the explanation above.

The management at Rogat is at the team level and without a managerial hierarchy, the planning of personal tasks is in the hands of the engineer himself, the communication in the team and with the customer will always be done in direct channels. The compass of the entire team is time.

At decision points we always recommend the shortest route to the market in the belief that this is the professional, quality and best business way to develop over time.

Quality and professionalism do not contradict the ability to work on a short schedule. The ability to work on a short schedule does not exist without quality and professional work.

Robotics development time can range from a few months to years. The length of the development plan is influenced by the goals and objectives within the SOW. The logic of time as a compass is true for all development projects.

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