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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that generates upward motion by rotating and operating several rotors. Control over the drone's motion in flight is attained by changing the relative speed of the different rotors in a manner that influences the thrust and power of each of the rotors. Most drones carry and are powered by a single source of energy, in most cases a battery.

Uses of drones

The use of drones began as a remote-control flying toy and as an aerial camera for amateur photographers. With the increase in drones' prevalence and recognition of their versatile capabilities, various other uses were added. Some of the wide range of uses are listed below:

  • The Israel Police aerial unit uses drones for various enforcement actions. Drones are also used by local authorities for monitoring and reconnaissance.

  • The IDF Combat Intelligence Collection Corps, Central Command and Home Command use drones in search and rescue operations and in locating fallen rockets. Drones are used, among other things, for aiding in training inquiries and operational activities, such as arresting wanted suspects and riot control.

  • Farmers use drones as part of the pest monitoring system in agricultural fields.

  • Archeologists use drones for locating potential digging sites from above.

  • Security and defense agencies as well as private investigators are aided by drones.

Designing hybrid systems for drones

Rogat specializes in designing hybrid drones and in converting conventional drones into hybrids.

A system that combines an internal combustion engine and a rechargeable battery

The smart integration of these two energy sources maximizes the advantages of both to create an efficient energy-saving system. This unique system contains a battery and an internal combustion engine to which a starter-alternator is attached. While the system is in operation, the energy source that provides the required capacity can be selected. While the generator is at work, it can supply energy to the drone's electric engine while simultaneously recharging the batteries.

Developing dedicated pods for drones

Development of pods as sub-systems in drones that perform dedicated missions in a range of functions is carried out with attention to the drone's specifications, including weight, energy consumption, feed current etc.

As part of its projects, Rogat is developing pods designated for military use. The pods are used for proliferating sensors in battlefields or on "hot" borders.


Ronen Naim

Mechanical Engineering Department

Rogat Engineering Ltd.

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